Artist’s Biography

Perhaps fueled by myriad images and experiences from her extensive travels to Europe and Southeast Asia as a child, Marilyn Elizabeth Garber has been drawn since early adolescence to the creative outlet which painting and sculpting enable. Ideas for future works formed many years before she actually put brush to canvas or hands to clay.

Not until her early 30’s, after years of employment in the photographic and clothing design fields, did she take the plunge and grasp fully her lifelong dream. Beginning in 1991 Marilyn established a unique niche for herself by integrating the demand for tailored interior wall treatments in the burgeoning Houston housing market with her inherent skill as a painter and sculptor. Many of her interior clients also commissioned pieces of artwork, allowing her to explore various avenues of artistic expression while retaining creative freedom.

Marilyn’s style is dynamic and multi-varied. The body of her work implies a creative process involving many paths of expression subtly interconnected. Frequently within a given piece there are multiple layers of texture and imagery representing fragments of interrelated thoughts and images. Her work engenders a broad appeal, ranging from colorful geometric and fluid abstracts, to interpretations of natural settings and Neo-Classical visions - mixing reality with ideas and images drawn from another realm.